Video: In this video, listen to Caroline speak about her work and what she offers to individuals and groups.

For Those Wanting To Make A Difference In Their World

Are you on a path of self discovery and soul-purpose? Would you like to learn contemporary as well as traditional shamanic tools to help and guide you along this path? Is there a deep calling from your soul to become ALL that you can possibly be?
This work offers you just that, through the mediums of ecstatic dance, shamanic journey, ritual theater, ceremony, heart empowerment, healing and rites of passage.

More than ever before, there are billions of people yearning to awaken and understand the truth about themselves and the world around them.


Caroline Carey born 1960, is a passionate teacher of two decades, who offers her own inspirational work to help others gain personal empowerment, with mentoring, shamanic healing, ecstatic dance, movement meditations and creativity. This includes a deeper connection to spirituality, soul retrieval and a grounded approach to shamanic tools both traditional and modern. She has a wealth of experience in the healing arts, as well as in developing our connection to nature and the human and non-human soul. Her wide-ranging experience is derived from many years of study, training and her own challenges through life. She also holds 'rites of passage' and various gatherings with her workshop leader and film maker husband, Ben Cole.  They are offering their work together through workshops in shamanism, theater and film making. All work uses the medium of ecstatic dance and creativity.screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-07-45-03

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Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 11.52.19Caroline is a mother of six children and a writer who has published her autobiography and other books on the work she now offers to many people around the world. The experiences and learning's from her personal life journey, including her experiences of mothering, very much inform all of her work. She is devoted to the work she offers in helping people to overcome dysfunction, trauma and abuse, to reclaim a stronger sense of soul and to understand the underlying and unconscious patterns that tend to rule and limit our lives.

 I don't think I've ever experienced such selfless guidance in the dance - it really felt like there was only teaching, not a persona behind it. Touching and inspiring.  Enesa   (Meta-Magic)

ONLINE course with Caroline. Meet Caroline and learn about the Shamanic Journey.

For info on the Middle Earth syllabus see this website page

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"Caroline's work is crafted just as much from her own experience of life as it is from the many years of study she has undertaken. We have seen her emerge and take her place in the circle of teachers who are committed to excellence, ongoing learning and the delicate balance of personal power and humility which is a foundation for good leadership. She is delightfully creative and the deep shamanic roots that she has developed through maintaining her equilibrium in life's storms, as well as her sense of humor means she can hold the space for you to take your journey, safely, deeply and truthfully. Be warned, her love for the dance as a contemporary shamanic journey and the passion she has for life are highly infectious."   Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan



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